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A Publisher’s Note

The author is Swiss and not a native English speaker. In a perfect world, professional translators only translate into their own mother tongue to catch all the fine distinctions which are expressed differently in their own culture and heritage. Then, professional editors proofread what is translated, aiming to catch each and every mistake. On the other hand, nowadays, Journalists and Writing Schools encourage their students to write to a 3rd-grade level general audience, to make, what is expressed, globally understandable. The success of the World Wide Web brought a rich cultural change, setting free a new dynamic in global publishing. As the author is unknown to the general public, and demand for his book is neither clear nor confirmed, the Publisher took the decision to let the market and general public decide about acceptance, despite a “non-perfect Editor’s revision”. Should demand proof, that a larger audience is truly interested, an ameliorated edition could be published further down the timeline to resolve remaining advanced grammar/language issues.

The book release is: “GRACE AND TRUTH IN THE 21st CENTURY – a MASKIL; Declarations and answers that stood the test of time”.

Don't be fooled by the seemingly soft title. The book shares bone-crushing answers to many daily struggles and questions no-one dares to address for fear of repression, or just for how an honest appraisal of one’s personal stand would affect one’s personal life. It’s a thoughtful yet sincere challenge to any believe system.

The content of the book reveals and explains, sheds light on the oldest universal mandatory law (dispositive law) in public law, publicly proclaimed since humans exist, and still in force. The root of public law, which can neither be repealed, amended, ignored nor voided by any court or power in existence, simply because this root of public law is the sole foundation upon which each society and legislation/jurisdiction/power is established, even since before time existed. It encompasses everything that was ever created or is or will be, visible and invisible, mortals and immortals, even Gods. In short, this root public right law is the substance each authority or power in existence feeds of. You want to legally obtain access to all the power you will ever need? Recognize and understand how. Anyone can learn that this compelling root of public law is still in force and effect, even today in the 21st century. In order to benefit, you ought to understand the purpose and effects that influence in fact each individual life personally.

It is undeniable a perverse fact that from the very few who today actually still know and understand, the majority does not want other people to recognize these principles and understand them for fear and impact on their rulership and areas of dominance. Perverted, because everyone should indeed know how a society truly ought to function for the general good of all, not just to profit a few "untouchables". The theme is highly relevant in the current world affairs.

The book further intends to strike a chord in the heart of any reader TODAY, no matter who he or she is, where we come from, what race or gender we were born with or whether we are rich or poor, in high-ranking shiny offices or unknown to the world. It deeply challenges our personal fundamentals and general habits, dealing afresh with the subject and meaning of righteousness, a smarter plan for humankind (that is You, and I), as demonstrated in the book by the countless historical time-witnesses, obviously unchanged since the beginning of time. It aims to strengthen/empower each individual on this planet and presents a reachable solution far bigger than we might be able or willing to imagine or accept for fear of the personal tokens involved, that is, honestly and privately look into the mirror at times. It deals with the necessary but seemingly forgotten discernment, currently reserved to an ever smaller elite only, whereas every person should be able to profit from the insights. It intends to change the surface of this globe once again for the better, not with cannons, drones, bombs or guns, but in a more interesting and intelligent way, by learning to personally discern when our personal actions are indeed foreign controlled or where we actually take free decisions that trigger our own personal daily actions. – Beware, this subject is not for hypocrites!

The author is only one voice out of maybe 500 million, someone unknown in writer circles. Reactions are expected to be highly controversial due to the delicate subject.

Yours Truly,

The Publisher
Andy Lang


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