Andreas Lang

Bueelstrasse 11 CH-8966 Oberwil-Lieli AG
Schweiz/ Switzerland

Tel: +41 56 633 55 91
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About Us


As a small sole proprietorship based in Oberwil-Lieli AG, the holder is personally responsible for just everything. He is author/publisher, privacy representative, contact, office assistant, postman and consultant. Due to the still smaller revenue prospects there is presently no commercial register entry in Switzerland, nor a VAT number.

Management is carried out by Andy (Andreas) Lang.

German Tax Registration with Finanzamt Konstanz for sale of Print-Version within the EU and EBook to German customers:
Tax-number 09417/06791 – UST-ID: DE302098278

Dutch Tax Registration in the Netherlands for MOSS for electronic services within the EU forbidden by the EU as a trade barrier. Currently looking for an EU-distribution partner for sale of the EBook into the EU except Germany.