You thought You knew it all ? – Rethink!
New Book release: 1st Edition, English
Justice and righteousness and its impact (on us)
Justice /righteousness– it is all about You (us)
What Justice and righteousnesss are all about (for us):

The secret of success [(ful) people]. What great emperors always knew, you would better know too. What most people definitely miss today is discernment. Without it, it is impossible to lead a successful free life. Dependency on others often means, being mislead into wrong thoughts that lead to wrong actions which produce wrong outcomes without being aware. Learning to discern motivations and actions is hard work. It will grill anyone’s personal perception to the deepest. However, who undergoes the hassle to try to understand what it is all about, will definitely be able to reap the benefits.

It is different, it is vital, it is dynamic, it is NOW … and it has never worked another way. - Beware, it is not at all what you thought it would be!
Find out for yourself, read and apply it to your own personal lives and experience the changes that happen!

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Grace and Truth in the 21st Century - a Maskil
Rationale Book

Grace and Truth in the 21st Century


Declarations and Answers that stood the test of time

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