Andreas Lang

BSc ZFH,Business Administration

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Schweiz/ Switzerland

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Privacy notice

Data protection statement:

The aim of the company is the distribution of the now written book as a self publisher in addition to the traditional work as a consultant. The information collection, processing, transmission, and use are made to carry out above purposes. Collected data such as email address, age, place of residence in Switzerland or not, are legal and necessary requirements to perform accounting and shipping. I take your privacy seriously. Your data is not being sold.

Translation of this book into other languages is envisioned. So you will be granted the possibility to sign up (opt-in) for a newsletter, to remain informed about future plans or options for other linguistic processes, should demand prove to be large enough. Further, sporadic surveys may be guided to determine/assess a certain demand, so that I as a company might be capable to better respond to your demands.

If, after a registration for a newsletter, you want to be taken away from the mailing list, simply send an EMail with subject 'Unsubscribe'.