Andreas Lang

BSc ZFH, Business Administration

Bueelstrasse 11
CH-8966 Oberwil-Lieli AG

Tel: +41 56 633 55 91
Fax: +41 56 633 55 49







Efficiency / IT / Controlling / Logistics / Financial Management (Banking/Insurance, Travel)

  • Wide banking knowhow (Operations) and rather deep IT / Logistics / technical infrastructure affinity
  • No-nonsense attitude, results-oriented, straight-forward with the ability to communicate at senior management level; headquarter/shared services type. Assessment passed up to C-Level (9/6)
  • Cross-linked thinking, global long-term view, international experience mainly in the interface Financial Controlling/ IT / Logistics . Close to trilingual (D/E/F)
  • Looking for global investors on a solution in the alternative energy sector (Sale of Vision)

Author/E-Pub and Print-Book distribution of my book

In this book, "Grace and Truth in the 21st Century - a MASKIL (Instructions) – Declarations and Answers that stood the test of time”" I deal with a lot of hot issues, their background in history, spanning thousands of years over different cultures, all coming to the same applicable solutions. General aim is to make this knowledge available to the public on a broader scale to let them profit personally from the insights.

And Yes, upon request, occasionally I do teach on the subjects covered in my book to all age levels.